Macarons..Attempt 1

Oh those enticing they look with their colours and various fillings..

Enticing enough for me to want to try to perfect my recipe.

What with all the various methods to getting good feet, a smooth shell, aged egg whites..I have a feeling that this might take a while.

This is different. Usually, the recipes I attempt yield pretty good results. Mix. Beat. Pour. Bake. Even though there are only a few steps to making these pretty, pretty macarons, getting the perfect macaron is tricky.

On my first attempt, my shells cracked and I didn’t get good feet. The chocolate filling was too thin (though it kinda worked after refrigerating the macarons for a bit). The macarons in the picture were, by some miracle, the product of the last pan I baked.

Therefore, I will not put up the recipe until I perfect it. I’ll be retrying tomorrow. So, if all goes well, they’ll be another post tomorrow.

Till then, any advice will be much appreciated..


4 Responses

  1. I love the article. It looks yummy. Kudos!

  2. Thank you for sharing the information. I found the details incredibly helpful.

  3. Est-ce que votre fil RSS a des soucis en ce moment ? J’ai essayé d’y accéder mais Google Chrome m’indique une erreur.

    • Hi! I’m not sure about Google Chrome but the RSS feed works fine with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Please do try again.

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