Perpetual Summer

Pretty Pomegranate

Have you noticed how hot it has been these past few days? And the short periods of rain do not help. It’s as though the clouds are rationing the amount of rainfall per day. Not enough to provide cool comfort but just enough to make it humid and stuffy. So how do you beat the heat and the humidity?

With ice cream of course! What with the sudden influx of tropical mangoes and passion fruit, I’d decided to make this ice cream that is just infused with the taste of summer to chase away the heat. Without an ice cream maker too!

This recipe was passed to me by an Aunt when I wanted to try to make my own ice cream in secondary school.

Passion Fruit Mango Ice Cream

Makes about a pint


1 cup full cream milk

1 cup cream

3-4 tbsp sugar (according to taste)

1 mango

2 passion fruit

Peel and cut mango. Slice the passion fruit and strain the pulp to separate the flesh from the seeds.

Place the fruits and sugar in a blender and buzz till well mixed. I like some fruit bits in my ice cream so I blended till the fruits just turns to pulp.

In a mixing bowl, add the cream to the milk and just beat the mixture (with a spoon) till there are no lumps. Add the cream and fruit mixture and with the spoon, mix until there are no more white streaks.

Pour into a container and place in the freezer. After about an hour, take the container out and using a spoon, mix the cooled cream mixture well. This is to ensure that no large water crystals form to get smooth, creamy ice cream. Replace in the freezer. Repeat these steps at least thrice before freezing for about 2 hours.

Scoop it out and eat!


3 Responses

  1. Are the colors off on your pomegranate photo? I’ve never a pomegranate here in the US with green seeds and pulp, only red pulp surrounding a white seed.
    The fruit rind does look unusually thick. Is this a different variety of pomegranate?

    • I’m so sorry. These are actually passion fruits. Somehow while writing this post, I got the two fruits mixed up. I already made corrections to the post.
      Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. […] some bite in her cake. So I added some chopped almonds to the recipe and served it with either my Passion Fruit Mango Ice Cream or some strawberry sauce and fresh […]

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