Sleepless in Singapore – 200 words and counting..
March 6, 2010


To commemorate the beginning of the end, I decided to bake a cake. A coffee sponge cake to be exact, with coffee flavored crème Chantilly covered with mocha ganache enclosed in a fence of cappuccino wafer sticks. Well, you get the picture. I’m prepping myself for a month of little sleep as I attempt to write the longest and most important document of my education.

Not that this cake could even dream of existing for a month. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of coffee. Even during the exam periods, I rather stick to the caffeine in Coke than a cup of coffee. I cannot even stand the strong aroma of coffee wafting out of Starbucks as I walk pass. A whiff is heaven but anything more is torture. Luckily, the cake didn’t turn out too strong (though, you sure can add more coffee if you wish) but the wafer sticks were a tad overbearing. So the pairing worked out in the end.